01. The lawyer for the defense claimed the witness was not [credible], and as such, should not be believed.
02. More than 150 [credible] witnesses, including several scientists, have told the authorities that they saw a missile destroy TWA Flight 800.
03. Citing sources will help increase the [credibility] of the information in your research essay.
04. Authorities insist that warnings of possible terrorist bombings targeting aid workers in the region are based on [credible] information.
05. Police say that several witnesses have provided a [credible] account of the accident.
06. The Bush administration lost a bit of [credibility] after the report came out stating that no weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq.
07. The Russian hockey team will finally meet a [credible] opponent when they play the Americans tomorrow.
08. The [credibility] of the young boy who claims he was inappropriately touched by Michael Jackson will likely determine the outcome of the singer's trial.
09. Under the new immigration policy, refugees with no [credible] claim could be immediately expelled.
10. The actor proved to be a [credible] singer in his first musical role.
11. The government has failed to present any [credible] evidence supporting its claims.
12. The commission has concluded that there is no [credible] evidence linking Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein with the al Qaeda terrorists who hijacked commercial airliners and crashed into the World Trade Center.
13. The goal of our organization is to advance scientific inquiry and knowledge by publishing [credible] peer-reviewed articles in various scientific fields.
14. According to a recent study, 28% of Democrats and 24% of Republicans gave high [credibility] ratings to the PBS news program.
15. The website for the Cancer Society offers [credible] research-based information for many common, alternative therapies.
16. The President says he was [credibly] informed of the terrorist threat by various sources.
17. The government has been [credibly] accused of abusing prisoners of war.
18. Business performance expert Pamela S. Harper has noted that there's a big difference between simply transmitting information and communicating [credibly].
19. The witness has [credibly] stated that he was not in a position to see how the incident started.
20. [Credibility] ratings for the major television outlets have diminished somewhat in recent years, due in large part to increased public cynicism toward the media.
21. A leading official at NASA has stated that is it not possible for the organization to complete a [credible] space-station program within its current budget.
22. Any attempts by the government to interfere with the way the BBC handles its news programs will compromise the [credibility] of the outlet.
23. External auditing of government agencies ensures [credibility] in the disclosure of information.
24. Citing [credible] threats that terrorists might be planning attacks on American targets, the U.S. government recently raised the threat level to orange, indicating a high risk of a terrorist attack.
25. Studies show that almost 30 percent of those surveyed find astrological claims to be [credible].
26. The student's excuse for handing his essay in late simply wasn't [credible].
27. Friedrich Nietzsche once suggested that all [credibility], all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses.
28. She did not make a [credible] witness because she contradicted herself several times.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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